Every single time,
regardless of the times
Private jet charters for the distinct few who demand the very best of everything.
Think exclusivity. Imagine ingenuity.
Expect more.
Every single time,
regardless of the times
Private jet charters for the distinct few who demand the very best of everything.
Think exclusivity. Imagine ingenuity.
Expect more.
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We make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible
We ensure your charter aircraft are operated by companies that deliver the highest standards of safety and security
Whatever your requirements, whether business or personal, we curate private jet charters around your schedule
With many aircraft choices in the charter marketplace, we always source the right fit for your needs
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Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best – from curating tailored journeys that meet your individual requirements, to planning your charter flight with a keen focus on the finer aspects of business aviation, all of which is executed with absolute professionalism, discipline and discretion.

Years’ Experience
Years’ Experience
Private Aircraft Worldwide
Private Aircraft Worldwide
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World-class service
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Any airport, Any time
Aircraft types
Turboprop aircraft
up to 10 passengers
Very Light jets
up to 4 passengers
Light jets
up to 7 passengers
pursuit of safety

Flight Safety International’s slogan is: The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew. Indeed, an aircraft is as safe as its crew, operations and maintenance departments.

We at ICD pride ourselves in our broad experience in various areas of aviation which equips us with the necessary tools to navigate some of the most meticulous aspects of a flight and ensure the protection of our most valuable asset – the passengers.

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Frequently asked questions
How do market trends affect my charter flight?

Each charter flight is affected by the economical, political and any other international or domestic factors that can impact the cost such as:
Fluctuating fuel prices, supply and demand levels, high-low seasons, holidays / sports and any other major event occurring at the departure or arrival destination.

Other factors that may impact

  • charter prices
  • political distress
  • state of conflict / war
  • zones
  • strikes – pandemic
  • recession
  • natural events / calamities
  • etc.
What aspects of the trip details can affect my charter flight?

A charter itinerary is like the plot summary of a story. When we open the book, some details can play a role in altering the final outcome. These aspects are:

  • passenger number
  • distance between point A to B
  • luggage
  • aircraft range
  • special cargo onboard (precious stones, arms, etc)
  • non-standard catering and beverage requirements
  • fuel stops
  • infants on board (upto 2 yrs)
  • pets (breed, weight, etc.)
  • aircraft supply in and around the region
  • restrictions in place
  • slot coordinated airports (airport allocated departure / arrival)
  • weather conditions enroute and onground
  • political climate
  • time of departure / arrival
  • airport operating hrs.
What is an empty leg?

An operator, or an air carrier, is a person or entity that owns an AOC (Air Operating Certificate) issued by a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for one or multiple aircraft which comprise a fleet. Operators are also required to have several departments in charge of safety, operations, maintenance, crewing, etc., and are periodically subject to CAA audits which are simultaneously compliant with FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Associated), and any other national aviation governing bodies.

A broker is a person or entity that has the knowledge, ability, and means to source reliable aircraft from the marketplace / operators, and the legal ability to contract and perform charter flights for the end client. The broker acts as a representative and advocate on behalf of the flying passenger, overseeing every aspect of the trip from inception and negotiation, to completion.

A broker’s main duty should be to always act in the best interest of their client while maintaining high standards of cooperation and ethics with the players in the market.

Why should you choose a broker?

Like your lawyer and accountant, sometimes you simply need your charter specialist on speed dial.

In business aviation, there are a multitude of discussions and negotiations transpiring behind the scenes to close the deal, and beyond that, a host of checks and due diligence that need to be carried out to ensure that the charter deal meets high-end industry standards and safety requirements to justify the cost of this exclusive commodity.

As is the case for any high-skill industry, aviation requires years of learning and hands-on experience to gain in-depth technical insight, all of which contribute to the skillset of aviation professionals. It can be a tedious and time consuming process, and as brokers that have hopelessly fallen in love with aviation and all of its myriad of rewards and challenges, it’s our pleasure to let our clients rest easy while we do what we do best.

What is an operator / broker?

Private jets are booked for bespoke journeys per trip. Therefore, unless 2 separate charter itineraries line-up perfectly, the aircraft will need to finish the charter in Destination A, reposition to Destination B in order to perform its next charter to Destination C, or simply return to its home-base. In such cases, the ferry connecting the separate itineraries, known as Empty Leg or Empty Sector, is often sold at heavily discounted prices.

It is important to note that an Empty Sector is just one element of the operator’s schedule based around other full-priced charter bookings, and therefore subject to change.

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