The images shown are purely referential to the aircraft sizes.
Turboprop aircraft
up to 10 passengers
Seating up to 10 passengers, turboprops excel at fuel efficiency and low operating costs, making it the most competitive option for flights up to 3 hours. Can access remote airports with below 5,000ft runway length.
Very Light jets
up to 4 passengers
Speedy, dependable and the perfect choice for up to 4 passengers and light-weight luggage. The small but luxurious cabin is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort for short hops.
Light jets
up to 7 passengers
The most popular choice for small groups and families, and seating up to 7 passengers, Light jets offer a great versatility of speed and range for regional flights.
Super light jets
up to 9 passengers
A client favourite due to its spacious cabin, stylish design and generous luggage compartment. Ideal for flights up to 4hrs.
Midsize jets
up to 9 passengers
Feature generous cabin space, maintain a high altitude, and offer swift speeds for transcontinental flights up to 5 hours. Perfect for executive teams or families that seek to fly in total comfort and safety.
Super midsize jets
up to 9 passengers
With a stand-up cabin, extended range and large luggage space, this jet is a game changer. Seating 8-9 passengers, Super midsize jets fly between 5-6 hours in a cocoon of privacy and sophistication in the air.
Large jets
up to 14 passengers
Designed to comfortably accommodate 10 to 14 passengers and with substantial luggage capacity, Large jets are an excellent option for crossing oceans and continents. State of the art cabin features and amenities ensure enhanced personal productivity combined with outstanding flexibility and up to 8 hours of exceptional flight experience.
Long range jets
up to 16 passengers
Redefines standards in the business jets market. Equipped with 12-16 seats, a perfect balance of comfort, space, over 12 hours’ range and unmatched speed, this pristine aircraft promotes total relaxation and rejuvenation between take off and landing, both for business trips and holidays around the globe.
VIP airliners
up to 57 passengers
Everything you want and more. Your very own airborne mansion to take you, your family and friends around the world in unmatched luxury and comfort. These jets are usually equipped with separate living, dining and sleeping suites to provide uninterrupted 5* experience and make jetlags a thing of the past.